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If you catch skin cancer in an early stage, a simple in-office skin cancer surgery may be the only treatment you need. At Angel Allen Dermatology in Jefferson City and Lake Ozark, Missouri, dermatologist Angel Allen, MD, teaches you to examine your own skin for cancerous lesions. She also provides several types of skin cancer surgery in her office for cancers like squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. To discuss skin cancer surgery with Dr. Allen, call Angel Allen Dermatology for an appointment, or book online today.

Skin Cancer Surgery Q & A

What is skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer is serious, and some forms of it can spread throughout your body if you don’t act quickly. Dr. Allen often recommends skin cancer surgery to remove cancerous lesions from your skin. In many cases, she can perform these surgeries in her office using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. 

After your skin cancer surgery, Dr. Allen helps you take care of the region to avoid or minimize lasting scarring. She recommends your surgery based on the type, size, and location of the skin cancer and can give you information about what to expect during the recovery. 

Which types of skin cancer surgery can I get?

There are several types of surgery effective for removing skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). After examining the cancerous lesion and evaluating its size, location, and other features, Dr. Allen tells you which types will be most effective or appropriate for you. At Angel Allen Dermatology, she frequently performs:


Excision requires the use of a surgical knife or scalpel. After numbing your skin with local anesthesia, she uses the blade to remove the cancerous lesion and a marginal area of skin around it. She then closes the opening with stitches. 


Cryosurgery utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze off your skin cancer. The cold temperatures kill the tissue, which causes it to scab over and fall off in the weeks following your procedure. 

Curettage and electrodesiccation

For this technique, Dr. Allen first removes the cancerous lesion with a looped instrument. Then, she burns the area of skin with an electric current to stop any resulting bleeding and kill any remaining cancerous cells. 

Mohs’ surgery

Mohs’ surgery is a type of skin cancer surgery that minimizes scarring and is particularly effective for cancerous lesions in delicate areas like your ears or face. We recommend one of two local Mohs’ surgeons. Throughout the surgery, the Mohs’ Surgeon, removes thin layers of tissue from the lesion and tests them one at a time under a microscope. He removes layers until he no longer detects cancerous cells. 

Will my skin cancer come back after skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer surgery aims to remove all cancerous cells from your skin and is often successful in doing so. However, sometimes skin cancer returns after a while. Dr. Allen teaches you to check your skin regularly for signs of skin cancer recurrence. She also gives you preventive strategies like avoiding direct sunlight and getting regular screenings.

Dr. Allen often recommends Mohs surgery if there is a high chance of skin cancer recurrence after treatment. 

If you have skin cancer or a suspicious lesion and would like to review options for skin cancer surgery further, call Angel Allen Dermatology, or book your appointment online today.